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Lake Allatoona Fishing Report for 11/21/2019

Lake Allatoona is right around 830' - 10' below full pool. The coming rains this weekend should maintain your current launch points just fine.​ Water surface temps are between 53-57°, depending on locale. ​There's a really good chance of being baptized on Saturday with a cool rain and there's a Sunday brrrrr to follow. Dress accordingly and be prepared for beautiful views

The stripers, hybrids, ​white bass, ​spots​,​ and crappie are eating threadfin and gizzard shad very nicely. Presenting exactly that to them is typically a win.​ ​The Bait Shack and Joe's Mart have those fresh and frisky critters if you'd rather save time hunting and gathering bait - which is mostly deep on Allatoona through today.The Dugout Bait and Tackle maintains a full array of serious terminal and artificial arsenal and has a super sweet stocked pond that has some nice trout, catfish and bass waiting to be caught. All three have frisky minnows and they are our local go-to's for most things fishing these days and we are glad they are there.

- Downlines at right around 20 have been a good way to start​,​ but​ do​ work the layers if you have multiple rods. Trust your electronics if you have them.

- Freelines are working equally well, and you should at least start out with one or more to see if that is the presentation du jour.

-Trolling A-/U-Rigs definitely had their moments when we took time to cast and pull them last week. We simply enjoy feeding them the real thing at a much slower roll when in a honey hole.

- S​poons 'n' such​​. - If you are willing to work it, artificial bite experience can be gained as well as put to use right now. All the species will eat a little ​F​oley spoon, Flexi-spoon and even larger flutter spoons worked through the strike zone. Cast with a pendulum drop or move to vertical jigging to see what they want most and do​ just​ that.

-We do hope some​ of the​ information ​we share​ is found useful for you on your upcoming trip​.​

If you would like some hands-on experience to learn our ​North Georgia lakes and techniques,​ or simply wish to be a chauffeured seasoned fisher, ​that's what we do. Visit with us today for upcoming holiday dates.​ ​

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