Striper Fishing Guide

Offering Comprehensive Fishing Guide Service

Whether you have years of experience fishing, or are brand new to the sport, a fishing guide service can be a valuable asset to your adventure. For newcomers to the sport, we offer educational classes. We are able to teach you about the various fish species native to the lakes and waterways throughout Georgia. We are pleased to explain the difference between lures and bait, and the tips and techniques used to find the best schools of fish. For experienced fishers, we are happy to chase after schools of fish to make sure your fishing adventure is successful. We also offer a unique opportunity for experienced fly-fishers to tie into Hybrids and Stripers in several seasons throughout the year.

Because of our location, based out of Acworth GA, the team at Heron Outdoor Adventures specializes in guided tours on Lake Allatoona. Just thirty minutes outside the city, we are happy to be the fishing guide service of business men and women alike.


Join us to be with an experienced striper fishing guide. This type of fish is commonly referred to as a striper, but in actuality it is a striped bass. Although this fish is prevalent from south of the Carolinas clear up to Nova Scotia, catching a striper can be a challenge. Typically, stripers are reserved for experienced fishers. Using a striper fishing guide can help increase your chances of nailing a big catch. The professionals at Heron Outdoor Adventures know the best bait and fishing techniques to use in order to catch a striper. We offer catch and release practices on our excursions. If you are interested in keeping any striped bass you catch, arrangements must be made ahead of time with the captain. We are happy to accommodate any way we can, and help you catch a big striper catch.