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Instructional Fishing Classes

Learn to Fish with Instructional Fishing Classes

If you are looking for one of the finest fishing guides that Atlanta GA has to offer, then look no further. The team at Heron Outdoor Adventures is experienced, passionate, and dedicated to fishing and exploring the outdoors. With several years of experience, and a passion for fish and wildlife, we strive to provide the best outdoor fishing guide Atlanta GA has. Just 30 minutes outside downtown Atlanta, Heron Outdoor Adventures takes people to Lake Allatoona. Truly a fresh escape and piece of wildlife heaven, this lake is easily accessible to even the busiest working men and women. To learn the best areas around the lake, our fishing guide will steer you toward great opportunities to catch stripers, hybrid bass, spotted bass, and crappies. We only practice catch and release fishing, so prior arrangements must be made to keep any fish caught during your trip.


If you do not know how to fish, and have always wanted to learn, the team at Heron Outdoor Adventures is here for you! Based in Acworth, GA, our team has years of experience. We are knowledgeable and patient, and are pleased to offer instructional fishing classes. We can teach you about various species of fish and where to find them. Further, we are able to show you different techniques and instructions about which lures and bait to use. We are passionate about the outdoors and are happy to also explain the environment and the delicate balance between the species living in and around Lake Allatoona. Our instructional fishing classes are fun, engaging, and helpful to seasoned fishers too. Ask about our classes if you would like to refine your technique or learn more about the fish living in Georgia's waterways including Lake Allatoona, Carters Lake, The Coosa and Etowah Rivers.

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