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Lake Allatoona fishing report for 10/24/2019

The fish are hungry here on Allatoona and we have been enjoying multi-species outings with great fortune on the Striper and Hybrid schools gathering under the boat this week.

Current lake level is 830.88 feet - 9 feet below full pool. We are seeing turnover water come down the Etowah but when they are eating in it, that's our favorite soup.

Fish it like a River, and you should have some success finding bait and fish on the channel edges as well as primary and secondary point ledges.

Downlining and Freelining frisky threads has been doing it. Don't be afraid to lighten the leader and go to size 1 or smaller hooks with any small threads - they are working well. Small and medium gizzards are also getting chewed on, just not as frequently through today. Have the right size hook for the bait and mix it up for your adventure.

Throwing a topwater at sunrise is always a winner especially when you get a rise. Just don't get too wrapped up waiting for that bite and miss all the Livebait hits.

If trolling is your jam, then get your jam on - these fish are stacked north to south!

The Spotted Bass bite is good and very steady. They are stacked up on the ledges in so many holes we fish, and they are eager to strike a thread but LOVE a small jig bounced around their business. I like a hand-tied Red Rooster and have had the bucktail eaten off of one this week by those rascals.

We fish all week, all season, all year to stay with the fish in hopes of providing you with a great experience when you book your Adventure with us. Call for availability : 404-919-4918

And when you can't, we hope the report helps. Tightlines!!

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