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The Bite - Lake Allatoona fishing report - October 7,2021

Lake Allatoona has been both hot and cold these past two weeks, with a little luke-warm in between.

Current water temperatures are still in the 75-77° range early morning. Lake levels are dropping and we are currently about 4 1/2 feet below full pool.

The bite for the Striped Bass and Hybrids has been stellar on a few select days in the past week. While the conditions may turn be a bluebird day and yet you hammer them, the very next day has what appears to be the perfect conditions of cloud cover, barometric pressure, etc., and yet they are no where to be found (unless you have the coordinates to their secret underwater cavern).There has been a good Topwater bite early morning on the calmer days with a good concentration of fish moving around from Stamp creek south to Iron Hill on select days. These fish might give you an hour of a stellar artificial bite on the top and just subsurface. Smaller profile baits seem to be our top producers and this makes more sense when you see they are chasing predominantly 1 1/2 - 2" threadfin that are prevalent predominately over the channel. Berkley spy baits, flexi-spoons and 2-3" swimbaits on a 1/8-1/4 oz. jig head have caught their fair share since September. The bait is abundant in the and this week has been found from the Allatoona creek arm all the way north into Little River up to Blankets creek. Our go-to overall has been downlining these frisky threadfin shad on smaller size 4 or 2 hooks and light leaders along with a couple freelines out as well. Some of these Linesides that we were targeting at 15-20 feet deep are now being found down as deep as 30 feet , and active at that depth . It is important to quickly get a fresh bait down to them when at these depths. While a gizzard shad, shiners or bream will live down there longer, they are still keying in on the smaller profile baits and especially threadfin. While these are a little difficult to procure in the wild for many, the Acworth Shad Shack or Joe's Mart has them ready to place in your bait tank or bubble bucket. It should be noted these fish are still moving, and moving a lot. We find it highly conceivable that some of these schools can cover the entire length of the lake (and back) in the course of the day. This stated, don't be surprised if they are not where you left them hours ago, let alone the day before. As for highest percentage of success, the mouths of all larger creeks are still producing. Reports of many species including the hybrids, stripers and white bass in most marinas busting shad on top at any given hour are still being heard through today from fisherman and non-fisherman alike. Next, the channel edges are typically a key for any semblance of holding fish during this transitional period. Whether you are at Clark, Stamp or Illinois Creeks or up to Little River, don't overlook the main channel where the creek meets it, as well as looking for the key outside bends along the way. We hope this helps for your next fishing adventure. If you are looking for some full service fishing with a wealth of instructional tips and techniques along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly: 404-919-4918 any time or visit us at Tight lines, friends!

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