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Holy Crappie! Weekly Lake Allatoona fishing update

Lake Allatoona fishing report / weekly update:

The fishing has gone from super slow to super hot almost overnight. Speaking of nights - there's been a fantastic evening bite on most all species including the spotted bass and linesides. There's been some evening schooling of spotted, white and hybrid striped bass from Galts to Stamp Creek to Red Top. We haven't been further than that stretch but likely happening in your stretch of water also on the northern and southern ends.

As the temperatures begin to cool down a little, we'll begin seeing a little more topwater action in mornings and throughout the day, particularly when the fish are on a school of threadfin.

Keep your eyes sharp - there are oodles and oodles of schools of bait even over the main channel all throughout the lake. Most of this is young of a year bait. A keen eye on your electronics will typically indicate that even when you're not seeing some topwater action here, the fish are underneath them keeping custody of their food for feeding time. Particularly here, if you are seeing schools of fish underneath and even though they may not be active on the school of bait, a deep drop with a larger flutter spoon and power reeling up through the column / school of fish can often illicit a bite. Sure, it's work. Only way you're going to see continuous results is by continually putting in the work

If you're mid lake and watching the schools of bait closely, you may notice the ball that is starting to move faster or quickly changing direction (before you might spook them with the boat) - these are the ones to cast to immediately. Some species is likely working them and a quickly placed cast with a spoon, rooster tail or even a small topwater bait will often illicit a strike or two. The Slick stick, Sebile and Sashimmy swimmers have also been triggering some of the bigger fish bites.

Here's another quick note - those spotted bass are continually being marked lately on point drops. We've had a couple of likely spots that have just been consistently stacked with maybe a few to a dozen or dozens of green fish. Small creature baits have been working for us in this situation. Anything from a nice Chattahoochee_jigs tie to the Berkley Max-scent lil trooper or 4-5" general or hit worm have produced decently. As for colors, we've just been using crawfish patterns and green pumpkin or blue/black colors. If your confidence color is purple haze or fluorescent orange, for example, then use that. Typically after catching a couple on one bait, we'll switch it up to try for a couple more before the school moves on a little. Go to next likely drop, side scan, confirm fish, reposition and repeat. If you're all fancy and have some live sonar, you can skip likely skip the side scan:-). Something we often notice- anglers with their boat positioned right on over the prime part of the drop and casts not finishing up where the bottom strikers are. The bait is coming up to the boat when it should have still been creeping the bottom where the boat sits. Presentation is everything, friends.

Crappie - goodness I don't want to tell but some horses have been caught 25-30ft. down over 50+ft bottoms during the day.

There's just quick diddy from your hippy dippy fisherman. I will strive to better with some weekly updates posted here as time and space permit.

To those that are signed up on our site, we'll keep the daily/weekly tips in your inbox. Tight lines, friends!!

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