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Evening report for 9/6/19

That North/NW wind has moved a lot of bait from shore to shore and subsequently appears to have kept the fish a little more elusive as they were not loaded up in their usual spaces tonight until after dark - I think they used a side door we did not know about. They did eat pretty good from 7-8:30 p.m. and we caught several nice stripers in the 5-7 pound class. However, absent tonight was that big school of larger hybrids we have been enjoying, and we only pulled 3-4 of these to the boat tonight.

The after dark/twilight bite was given up on by 9 pm and as we are all plum tuckered out from 9 days of morning and nights on the pond and the bite surely slowed tonight.

We shall regroup tomorrow - Saturday - and do our best to keep you updated should we fall into a great bite.

Those Spots to the right of Illinois Creek are still there and appear to be schooling up nicely still after almost 10 days in that space. (See Heron Report from earlier today for more details on those). Oh, and our special Guest did catch a Real Nice Bucketmouth justy shy of 6 pounds - what a beauty!

Beautiful ol' Bucket Mouth

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